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StreamAddict – A New Era

StreamAddict changes the way you will stream your online content forever. Whether it is Sky Sports, BT Sports, Movies or Music you desire StreamAddict has the right stream for you. We have developed a bespoke android app that is simply aimed at providing an unrivalled streaming experience. We have our own unique version of Kodi that offers installation of 10 All In One – Fully Loaded Kodi Builds. As well as that we also offer IPTV, Gaming Emulators, Music Streaming, Movie Streaming and more all from the one app – StreamAddict. All ChippedFireStick products come pre installed with StreamAddict.

Fantastic Apps Available

StreamAddict has one click instant access to only the most reputable & reliable streaming apps like Mobdro, MegaBox HD, Terrarium TV, Kodi plus more. Best of all no need to worry about updates we handle this, the StreamAddict app will notify you when we have updated any apps.

A Few Extra Apps

StreamAddict also includes a few extra installable apps to help and enhance your streaming experience. Some of these great extra apps are Mouse Toggle (Turns your fire remote into a virtual mouse), MX Player Pro (Used for playing streams from various apps) & AirPlay/DLNA Receiver Pro (Android & Amazon Fire AirPlay Support for iOS Devices).


Free IPTV Streaming with StreamAddict and Chipped Fire Stick

StreamAddict provides you instant access to pretty much any Sky, Cable & Freeview channels currently broadcasting in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia & a good number of other countries broadcasts too. There is a range of apps readily available to you on StreamAddict that should cater for all of your live tv broadcast streaming needs. For the ultimate full HD IPTV experience please see our Premium IPTV add-on.

Free Sports Streaming

Free Sports Streaming - Sky Sports, BT Sport, BEIN - StreamAddict

StreamAddict gives you instant access to stream and watch live sports channels from the UK, USA, Europe & other countries too. You will have access to Sky Sports HD, BT Sport HD, Box Nation, Bein Sports, Fox Sports, Euro Sport, NBA TV, Manchester United TV plus many other great sporting channels. For the ultimate full HD Sports experience please see our Premium IPTV add-on.

Kodi – 10 Best All In One Builds Included

With StreamAddict pre installed on your device you have 1 click access to 10 of the best All In One – Fully Loaded Kodi builds. These builds are kept updated so as soon as a new version is available you will be notified within StreamAddict.

You are able to switch between builds at any point simply with 1 click installation, installing your favourite Kodi builds have never been simpler. Using our StreamAddict app ensures that your streaming device is always up to date and eliminates those dreaded dead links.

Some of the Kodi builds ready for you to install straight away are –

The Beast, Paradox Classic, Paradox 18+ (Adult Content), Spinz TV plus more great Fully Loaded Kodi builds.

Fully Loaded Kodi Builds On Your Amazon Fire Stick & Amazon Fire TV

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The Most Powerful Software. Say hello to StreamAddict.

Innovating streaming content

StreamAddict is like no other streaming app you will have ever seen or used before. We have tried and tested all the best streaming services and programs and collated them all into one super simple easy to use app. Forget the rest and stream with StreamAddict the best!

Premium HD IPTV

If you are after a full HD, always online IPTV service then the StreamAddict Premium HD IPTV Add-On is exactly what you need and is at a great price too! You can always get IPTV for free with our product however you have to understand that we cannot guarantee the quality of these streams and also the availability of them. With our Premium HD IPTV Add-On you don’t have to worry about any of this you know that all your channels will be playing in full HD quality and that all channels will be available as and when you want to play them.

Our IPTV service offers over 800 live TV channels in HQ and High Definition.
If you would like to see a list of channels please download here AVStream IPTV Channel List

There is also a full program guide for all the channels showing full 7 days of listings. The program guide has that sky feel about it so most people feel right at home.

The Premium HD IPTV Add-On is available to buy on a monthly basis no fixed term or a 12 monthly subscription is available at a reduced cost!

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